Understanding Jewelry Making Tools and Practices

Understanding Jewelry Making Tools and Practices

Two Tips For Buying A Wedding Band For Someone Who Does Construction Work

by Roberta Vasquez

Although you want to consider the aesthetic aspects of wedding bands to ensure you get something that matches your taste and personality, you also want to make sure the ring can keep up with your lifestyle. If you, or the person you're purchasing the ring for, work in the construction industry, there are a few special characteristics you should look for in a ring to ensure it will endure rough handling. Here's what you need to know to select the perfect ring.

Select a Sturdy Material

Possibly the most important factor in purchasing a wedding band for a construction worker is getting the ring in a material that will withstand the daily knocks and bumps it will be subjected to. While gold is a classic ring material, it's too soft and malleable for someone who constantly uses his or her hands to perform hard labor. A low-karat gold ring (e.g. 10kt or 14kt) may be sturdy enough. However, since the gold is mixed with such a high percentage of other metals at those levels, you may as well buy a ring in a different material that is much more durable.

When it comes to durability, your two best options are titanium and tungsten. These are two of the toughest metals on the planet. However, titanium is the closest to white gold in appearance, so that is a good option if you want something that looks like a traditional wedding band. Both materials can be customized into the design you want.

Titanium is very lightweight, while tungsten is fairly dense and heavy. On the other hand, tungsten is extremely scratch-resistant. Diamonds, corundum, and lasers are among the very few things capable of damaging this material, which makes it a very good for someone who works in construction.

Be aware, though, that titanium and tungsten rings cannot be resized or remolded easily once they are made. This means you'll have to buy a new ring if your or your loved one's finger size changes. While engraving can be done on titanium using traditional methods, the only way to engrave a tungsten ring is to use a laser, which may cost a little more.

Choose Decorative Details Wisely

Since the ring is at risk of being frequently scraped against things while on the work site, it's best to avoid rings that have a matte finish. This type of finish tends to show scratches. It may be possible to polish or buff those scratches out, but this is highly dependent on the type of material the ring is made from.

Another thing to be mindful of are the ring's decorative details. Metalwork and jewels that sit above the ring base may be blunted after being repeatedly hit against objects. These decorations may even be torn off if they catch on something at just the right angle. This type of decorative detail can also present a safety hazard. If the jewel or metalwork gets caught on something, it could hinder the person's ability to pull his or her hand out of a dangerous situation quickly. Ideally, any decoration or jewels you have placed on the ring should sit flat inside the center of it, so nothing sticks out that could get damaged or cause injury.

Lastly, have the ring shaped so the bottom of it is slightly flattened. This will allow the person to more easily rest his or her hand on flat surfaces.

Choosing the right ring for a construction worker can be challenging, but is certainly worth the effort to get the person something he or she can proudly wear every day. For assistance with picking out the best ring for yourself or your loved one, contact a jeweler.


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