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Two Tips For Buying A Wedding Band For Someone Who Does Construction Work

Although you want to consider the aesthetic aspects of wedding bands to ensure you get something that matches your taste and personality, you also want to make sure the ring can keep up with your lifestyle. If you, or the person you’re purchasing the ring for, work in the construction industry, there are a few special characteristics you should look for in a ring to ensure it will endure rough handling. Here’s what you need to know to select the perfect ring. Select a Sturdy Material Possibly the most important factor in purchasing a wedding band for a construction worker is getting the ring in a material that will withstand the daily knocks and bumps it will be subjected to. While gold is a classic ring material, it’s too soft and malleable for someone who constantly uses his or her hands to perform hard labor. A low-karat gold ring (e.g. 10kt or 14kt) may be sturdy enough. However, since the gold is mixed with such a high percentage of other metals at those levels, you may as well buy a ring in a different material that is much more durable. When it comes to durability, your two best options are titanium and tungsten. These are two of the toughest metals on the planet. However, titanium is the closest to white gold in appearance, so that is a good option if you want something that looks like a traditional wedding band. Both materials can be customized into the design you want. Titanium is very lightweight, while tungsten is fairly dense and heavy. On the other hand, tungsten is extremely scratch-resistant. Diamonds, corundum, and lasers are among the very few things capable of damaging this material, which makes it a very good for someone who works in construction. Be aware, though, that titanium and tungsten rings cannot be resized or remolded easily once they are made. This means you’ll have to buy a new ring if your or your loved one’s finger size changes. While engraving can be done on titanium using traditional methods, the only way to engrave a tungsten ring is to use a laser, which may cost a little more. Choose Decorative Details Wisely Since the ring is at risk of being frequently scraped against things while on the work site, it’s best to avoid rings that have a matte finish. This type of finish tends to show scratches. […]

5 Ways To Afford An Engagement Ring

You’re head over heels in love with your partner and are eager to get married and build a life together. But first, you have to budget and pay for an engagement ring. With the average cost of an engagement ring hovering at around $5000, paying for the ring can require creativity and planning. Here are five specific ways to pay for an engagement ring for you to consider: Apply for Financing from the Jeweler Jewelry stores often offer their own financing programs for people who buy engagement rings, allowing you to purchase the ring now but make payments over time. This can make it much easier to buy the ring you want now, without having to save a large lump sum first. Financing from jewelers often comes with a low introductory interest rate that goes up after a certain amount of time has passed. Read the details and figure out how much you need to pay per month to pay off the ring before the introductory rate is up. This can help you set the right budget and use your credit responsibly. Start a Side Gig If you’d prefer to pay for your ring at once but don’t have enough money set aside, consider starting a part-time job or side business in addition to your regular job. Any extra money you make can go toward the purchase of the engagement ring. Some ideas for side gigs include delivering pizza on the weekends, starting a freelance writing or web design business you work on in the evenings after work, or offering babysitting or pet sitting services in your neighborhood. Since your regular job already covers your life expenses, you may be surprised how fast you can save up a large amount of money from a part-time endeavor. Consider Diamond Alternatives Another great option is to look into more affordable diamond alternatives, which can mean buying a gorgeous ring with a larger stone while spending much less than you would on a diamond. Some diamond alternatives include moissanite (a stone which looks just like a diamond to most eyes), white topaz, or even a colorful gemstone like an emerald or sapphire. If your soon-to-be fiancee loves her birthstone, you may want to look for a ring with that as a center stone and simply use small diamonds as accents. Look into Layaway In addition to financing, many jewelry stores offer layaway programs. […]

2 Tips To Help You Get More From A Pawn Broker For Your Old Gold Jewelry

Selling old gold jewelry that you no longer want to a pawn broker is a great way to get some quick cash. If you’re selling your old jewelry, you’ll, of course, want to get as much as possible for it. Here are two tips to help you get more from a pawn broker for your gold necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Separate Your More Pure Pieces from Your Less Pure Ones The pawn broker will base their offer on the quality of your pieces, which is dependent on the number of karats they have. Gold jewelry is made from gold alloys, and not from pure gold, because gold is too soft of a metal. Mixing it with other metals to create a stronger alloy lets jewelry makers create more durable pieces that won’t scratch and dent as much. The purity of gold alloys is measured in karats. A single karat indicates 1/24 of the alloy is gold. A 12-karat necklace, thus, is half gold (12 / 24 = 0.50), while an 18-karat one is 75 percent gold (18 / 24 = 0.75). According to 4Facets.com, an alloy must be at least 10 karats to be called gold in the U.S., and 14-karat alloys are the most common type used for gold jewelry. You can find out how many karats each piece you’re selling is by checking for a hallmark. Hallmarks are tiny inscriptions that identify the gold content of a piece of gold jewelry. A two-digit hallmark, such as 10, 12, 14 or 18 indicates the number of karats. This system is used in the United States. A three-digit number expresses the gold content as a percentage. For instance, “750” would be 75.0 percent, or the equivalent of 18 karats. This system is used in countries outside the U.S. In order to make sure you get as much as possible for your jewelry that has lots of gold, separate it out from your gold with lower grade alloys. If you organize your gold jewelry into different piles according to the number of karats each piece has, a pawn broker will be able to quickly take into account the purity of each piece. If you don’t bother to separate out the higher quality items, they may lump all the pieces together and consider your best pieces alongside your lower-grade ones. Know the Going Rate for Gold The pawn broker will also take […]