Understanding Jewelry Making Tools and Practices

Understanding Jewelry Making Tools and Practices

Diamond Ring Buying Tips To Save You Money On An Engagement Ring

by Roberta Vasquez

If you want to propose to your significant other and are looking to purchase an engagement ring, then you may be concerned about the high cost of the ring. The average person spends between about $4,000 and $9,000 on an engagement ring. If you do not have thousands to spend, then there are still some ways you can choose a dazzling diamond ring. Keep reading to learn about some diamond ring buying tips that can save you money.

Go With A Colored Variety

Lower-Grade White Stones

Flawless diamond rings are the most sought after and the most expensive. Flawless diamonds are considered colorless and they are graded on the diamond color scale with a D, E, or F. To the naked eye, there is no difference between these diamond grades. A gemologist will typically only be able to tell the difference between the grades based on the amount of light the diamond reflects. If you are set on a flawless diamond, then go with an F colored variety, because it will be cheaper than an E or D graded stone.

If you are looking for a diamond that appears mostly colorless, then opt for a G, H, I, or J stone. These diamonds have a very small hint of color. I and J stones will have a bit more of a yellow tone than G and H varieties, but they are often about half as much money as a D graded diamond. 

Yellow and Brown Tinted Diamonds

If you think that your significant other will enjoy a colored diamond, then look for a ring with a Z graded diamond. These diamonds are white diamonds with a great deal of yellow coloring. The stones may be called light yellow or champagne colored. The diamonds appear a bit lighter than fancy yellow or canary stones, but they are not fancy diamonds.

Fancy diamonds are natural and rare colored diamonds that are typically quite a bit more expensive than white diamonds. The exception to this is fancy brown diamonds. The diamonds are less desirable to some people in solitaire engagement rings, and they can be one-half to one-third of the price of a larger white diamond of the same size. If you do think that a brown diamond is a good choice for an engagement ring, then opt for a light-colored one to get the most for your money. You should make sure that the clarity of the stone is high though. Low-clarity stones will not reflect as much light, and the diamond may seem dingy and included with imperfections.

Choose The Right Metal

Diamonds can be placed in rings made with a wide variety of different metals, and gold is the most common one. Gold is expensive though, especially when you opt for 18 karat gold. This type of metal is made with 75% gold and 25% other metal materials. Silver and copper are often mixed with the gold. 18 karat is the highest karat that is used to make rings. Gold is a weak metal and needs the silver or copper to add strength. 

If you want a cheaper and a stronger ring for your significant other, then you should opt for a setting with less gold. Both 14 and 12 karat gold are good choices. The 14 karat gold will have about 58.3% gold and the 12 karat will have about 50% gold. Keep in mind that the color of the gold will change slightly depending on the karat, so make sure the tone compliments the type of diamond you choose.

If you want to skip the gold and go with another metal, then consider white gold, palladium, or silver. All of these metals are cheaper than gold. 

Contact a jewelry store in your area for more advice.


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