Understanding Jewelry Making Tools and Practices

Understanding Jewelry Making Tools and Practices

Anniversary Ring Ideas For Christmas 2018

by Roberta Vasquez

Most women who are married have an engagement ring and a wedding band, but anniversary rings are starting to become a popular option as well. A perfect idea for a Christmas present this year, is to surprise the missus with a ring to celebrate a notable anniversary in 2018 or coming up in 2019. There are many sales this time of the year, so there is no better time than the present to purchase an anniversary present. There are a lot of different options available that are sure to delight any one's significant other this holiday season. 

Stackable Anniversary Rings

A fine option for an anniversary ring is a stackable option that can be layered to complement the existing engagement ring and wedding band on the left-hand ring finger. This is a super modern look that is perfect for celebrating a one-year anniversary. The new ring should be able to integrate completely with the other two rings for a fresh and beautiful look. It can be a simple band in a different metal or texture or have tiny diamonds or other precious gems inset into the band.

Upgrade An Existing Band

For a significant anniversary such as a 20 year or 50-year celebration of holy matrimony, a substantial upgrade may be in order. Perhaps the original engagement ring was purchased during a more humble period in life and could benefit from a bit of a make-over. This is also nice if the ring in question needs to be re-sized. Some options are adding gems around the original diamond, swapping out the diamond for a larger one and using the original diamond in the new design, or using the original diamond in a separate piece of jewelry such as a necklace.

Purchase A New Or Vintage Ring

A special way to celebrate an anniversary is to get a new ring with a gemstone that symbolizes the years of marriage between a husband and wife. There are of course new options available, but there are also many vintage rings that utilize a variety of gemstones and are often more unique yet more affordable. A garnet is appropriate for a first-year anniversary, a sapphire for a five year anniversary, and an emerald is perfect to celebrate a 20 year anniversary. These can be sized for the right hand and can complement the wedding band and engagement ring on the left hand. 

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Understanding Jewelry Making Tools and Practices

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