Understanding Jewelry Making Tools and Practices

Understanding Jewelry Making Tools and Practices

3 Ways To Personalize Wedding Bands

by Roberta Vasquez

From the dress and venue to your honeymoon destination, planning a wedding can become overwhelming. Of course, most of the details revolve around the actual wedding day. However, planning the details of your actual marriage is also important, and one symbol that truly represents the bond you and your loved one are making are the wedding rings. Traditionally, wedding rings are simple bands made out of gold or another metal, but more and more people are choosing to add personal details to these simple pieces of jewelry. Here are a few ways to personalize your wedding bands.

Exterior Finishes

Instead of the shiny smooth finish of most metal bands, more and more couples are opting for rings with more unique finishes on the band's exterior.

A satin, or matte finish, is becoming a popular option. It is a unique look that works well for anyone who wants something different, without standing out too much.

A stone finish adds a bit of rustic charm to the wedding band. This finish gives the band an appearance of a rough texture that resembles the exterior of a rock or pebble.

Hammered finishes are also unique options to consider. As the name suggests, these finishes make the ring look like it was hammered or dented in areas. Both stone and hammered finishes are ideal options for anyone who is worried about small scratches, dents, and dings that may occur while wearing the ring.

Exterior Engraving

Another way to personalize your wedding band is to engrave a design on the exterior. The design can represent memories, special sayings, or even patterns that you and your spouse love.

Engraving your loved one's heartbeat on the ring's exterior is a unique option many couples are choosing. Elegant scrollwork can also be engraved into the exterior of the band. Special symbols, such as hearts or an infinity sign, are also great details for personalizing the exterior of the band for others to see.

Interior Engraving

If you prefer to personalize the bands in a more subtle way, engraving the interior of the band is another option. There are many options for engraving to consider, but you should choose details that represent you and your spouse's relationship.

Many couples choose to have their wedding dates engraved on the interior of their bands. Other options would be dates that represent the day you met or the day you got engaged.

Other than dates, consider engraving a special bible verse, song lyric, or quote that represents your relationship. The possibilities are endless. Contact a wedding band store, like Andrew Kramar, for more assistance.


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Understanding Jewelry Making Tools and Practices

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