Understanding Jewelry Making Tools and Practices

Understanding Jewelry Making Tools and Practices

  • Your Fire Agate Purchase: 5 Desirable Characteristics You Should Seek

    Fire agate is a gemstone of the quartz family, which is a naturally occurring mineral found in the earth. It is most commonly mined in parts of Mexico and the southwestern United States (California and Arizona to be precise). What sets this gemstone apart from other types of agate or quartz is the way it emits rainbow-like color when exposed to light or at various angles. It seems to have a fiery effect, a quality that gives it the name of fire agate.

  • Diamond Ring Buying Tips To Save You Money On An Engagement Ring

    If you want to propose to your significant other and are looking to purchase an engagement ring, then you may be concerned about the high cost of the ring. The average person spends between about $4,000 and $9,000 on an engagement ring. If you do not have thousands to spend, then there are still some ways you can choose a dazzling diamond ring. Keep reading to learn about some diamond ring buying tips that can save you money.

  • Two Tips For Buying A Wedding Band For Someone Who Does Construction Work

    Although you want to consider the aesthetic aspects of wedding bands to ensure you get something that matches your taste and personality, you also want to make sure the ring can keep up with your lifestyle. If you, or the person you're purchasing the ring for, work in the construction industry, there are a few special characteristics you should look for in a ring to ensure it will endure rough handling.

  • 5 Ways To Afford An Engagement Ring

    You're head over heels in love with your partner and are eager to get married and build a life together. But first, you have to budget and pay for an engagement ring. With the average cost of an engagement ring hovering at around $5000, paying for the ring can require creativity and planning. Here are five specific ways to pay for an engagement ring for you to consider: Apply for Financing from the Jeweler

  • 2 Tips To Help You Get More From A Pawn Broker For Your Old Gold Jewelry

    Selling old gold jewelry that you no longer want to a pawn broker is a great way to get some quick cash. If you're selling your old jewelry, you'll, of course, want to get as much as possible for it. Here are two tips to help you get more from a pawn broker for your gold necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Separate Your More Pure Pieces from Your Less Pure Ones

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    Understanding Jewelry Making Tools and Practices

    Hello, my name is Belinda. I spend my spare time making jewelry for my friends and family. The jewelry making process that I use closely mimics the practices utilized by the professionals. I have a small kit of tools that I use to bend wire, set stones and create other decorative elements for my jewelry. I want to explore hobby and professional tools used for jewelry making on this site. I hope that I can inspire other people to pick up this fun and rewarding hobby. I will share new jewelry industry information on this site as it develops. Please visit often to learn about this topic.